My Home
Los Gatos, CA

Kitchen Remodelling

Click small image for larger view.

Front of the house. That's an apple tree next to the driveway and a plum tree behind and to the left of it and a red maple in front of the window.

Close up on apple tree and front walk.

Blue spruce and blood orange tree to its left.

Blue spruce, blood orange tree, orange tree.

Back yard and patio, looking out kitchen door.

Back yard from rear of property.

Back yard as seen from rear corner.

Closeup on patio

Back yard as seen from end of patio. That's an apricot tree in the center, an orange tree to the left and a lemon tree to the right.

Living room.

Living room as seen from front door.

Living room and front window.

Dining room and kitchen door to patio.

Kitchen as seen from dining area

Another view of the kitchen from the dining area

View of dining area from kitchen

Another view of the dining area from kitchen

Master bedroom

Master bedroom