Kitchen Remodelling
My new front lawn
June 1, 2007

I never had a "lawn" in my front yard, rather it was ground cover - a type of aloe, I think. The problem was that it was infiltrated with weeds. It was drought tolerant, but too much water let the weeds take over. It was not tolerant to being stepped on, so wherever some walked across it a bare spot would develop and the weeds would take over. Wherever I used my ladder to clean the gutters on the house, the plants would die and weeds would grow.

I had seen the new artificial turf - Field Turf - installed in residential areas and was impressed enough to find out more information. It's pretty expensive, 2 to 3 times the price of a grass lawn for installation. But it never needs water, weeding, fertilizing or mowing. It just needs to be raked with a leaf rake a few times a year to keep it from getting matted down.

Click small image for larger view.

Stone walkway leads from driveway to side of the house where the electric meter is.

Bare spots and weeds

Weeds in the stone walkway, weeds everywhere

Funky plants along the front edge. Weeds behind them.

Overall view

Field Turf!

Overall view of the new Field Turf

Front view - still need to pull the weeds out from under the blue spruce!