Prototype Inspiration
Layout Planning

Room Preparation

The yard represents Wenatchee, WA. This is kind of a combination of the Wenatchee and Appleyard (a suburb of Wenatchee to the east) yards, since Appleyard wouldn't have passenger service but does have the engine servicing facilities (at least, a turntable is shown there on the GN track diagrams).

Confusingly (at least to me), west is to the right which leads to Stevens Pass over the Cascades and finally Everett (in staging). Left leads east to Spokane (staging). The Oroville branch line begins with some industrial switching and leads to a helix to lower level staging.

I don't know why I have an obssession about building a helix. I've read all the pros and cons, and many passionate arguments for and against them. I think I just want to find out for myself, and as an engineer I'm intrigued by the technical aspects of building it and making it operate as smoothly as possible. This will certainly be one of those "learning experiences" I'll carry over to the next layout.

I think constructing the hinged drop down section in front of the closet worries me more than the helix.

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Lower level staging


Trains shown for reference