AFM Racing!
AFM Race Crash
July 17, 2005

Crash #3, Sears Point

On July 17, 2005, I was involved in what many are saying is the worst crash they've seen in the AFM in years. At the start of the race, one of the bikes on the front row had a mechanical failure before turn 1. He was rear ended and that caused a chain reaction crash that eventually took me out as well. Damage to me: severely fractured sacrum (attaches the spine to the pelvis) but there appears to be no serious nerve damage other than some lingering tingling in my right foot. Here's some pictures of my bike taken in my garage. I haven't seen it in person yet, these pictures were taken by my friend Gunnar, which he then emailed to me.

Damage that's not visible:

  • both front and rear tires are flat
  • both front and rear wheels are bent
  • left fork bottom is chewed up
  • forks are bent (I think)

Click small image for larger view.

R6 Crash Pic 1

R6 Crash Pic 2

R6 Crash Pic 3

R6 Crash Pic 4

R6 Crash Pic 5

R6 Crash Pic 6

R6 Crash Pic 7

R6 Crash Pic 8

Bent front wheel

Bent front wheel

Bent rear wheel

Bent rear wheel

Arai Corsair helmet front

Arai Corsair helmet rear

Helimot leathers, rear view

Another rear view of my Helimot leathers

Daytona Evo Security boots

Daytona Evo Security boots, closeup

My last lunch in the hospital

Awaiting transport out of the hospital

Riding home in Gunnar's jeep

Testing out my independence on crutches

Approaching the threshold of my house

Comfy in bed

Hello high speed internet, good-bye dial-up modem!

Let the recovery begin!

New bathroom fixtures

New bathroom fixtures

My new mascot, thanks Mom!

The X-rays speak for themselves.

The X-rays speak for themselves.