Crash #3, Sears Point
Engine Woes
Buttonwillow, March 10, 2007

After just a few laps of the track I new something wasn't right. The engine started making a lot of noise, sounding like there was a 2-smoke behind me following my every move. No such luck, the noise was coming from my motor. Two spun rod bearings.
  • All gaskets
  • New crank
  • 2 rods
  • All main bearings x10
  • All rod bearings x8
  • Oil pump
  • Rings x4
  • All eight rod bolts and nuts x8 and 8
  • Piston clips x4

Click small image for larger view.

Melted rod bearing material landed on the clutch basket.

Melted rod bearing material on the gasket.

Melted rod bearing material in the oil pan.

This can't be good.

The rods.