San Diego Condo
Los Gatos townhouse fire
December 2, 1999

Bleached Hair!

On December 2, 1999, I came home from work late to find the townhouse I was renting surrounded by firemen. Unfortunately, it was MY townhouse that had burned. The fire started in my bedroom, probably from the wall transformer that powered my cordless phone. Most of my dresser burned up (that's where the phone sat) but remarkably the drawer with my important paperwork was mostly intact. There was a hole burned through my bed, and all the plastic hangers in the closet melted all over my clothes. The entire place suffered pretty bad smoke damage, and I had to throw away most of my possessions. This is the one time in my life when I skipped getting renters insurance since I wasn't concerned about theft, but I never thought about fire.

The landlords made out pretty good as their insurance paid to rebuild the entire place from the inside, including replacing the elecric baseboard heat with a real forced-air furnace, and all new appliances.

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