Wayne, NJ, my hometown
My Broken Sacrum
July 17, 2005

Pictures of me

On July 17, 2005, I was involved in what many are saying is the worst crash they've seen in the AFM (a motorcycle road racing club in northern California) in years. These are pictures of me in the hospital. Click here for the full story on the crash.

Click small image for larger view.

My last lunch in the hospital

Awaiting transport out of the hospital

Riding home in Gunnar's jeep

Testing out my independence on crutches

Approaching the threshold of my house

Comfy in bed

Hello high speed internet, good-bye dial-up modem!

Let the recovery begin!

New bathroom fixtures

New bathroom fixtures

My scar

Closeup on my scar

The X-rays speak for themselves.

The X-rays speak for themselves.