The layout is constructed "cookie-cutter" style using a sub-roadbed of ½" homosote on top of ¼" plywood, supported by a framework of 1x3 clear pine. Shims on top of the frame members define the elevation of the sub-roadbed. The legs are "L" shaped in cross section, being made of 1x2 fir attached edge-on to 1x3 fir. To conserve space in my layout room, I attached casters to the bottoms of the legs so that I can push the layout up against the wall when I'm not working on it.

Everything was painted primer brown to start with to get rid of the "raw homosote" look.

Click small image for larger view.

Looking "eastward"

Looking "westward"

Carving a river

Drawing arcs

Crayon attached with hose clamps



Benchwork complete

Looking "northwest"

Looking "eastward"

The river bed